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Visit Yanji

heap flights to Yanji you will get a chance to unlock the memorable moments of your life. Cheap flights are offered at Travangelo. Yanji is called the Yanbian Chaoxianzu (Korean) Independent region. Yanji is the home of the largest group of ethnic Koreans living outside of Korea. Yanji is located in eastern Jilin Province.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
MAN to YNJ flight KLM £518 Round-Trip 14 January to 11 February 28 November 02:50
BRS to YNJ flight British Midland £667 Round-Trip 08 January to 21 February 28 November 11:14
LCY to YNJ flight China Southern £690 Round-Trip 07 January to 17 February 29 November 03:44
GLA to YNJ flight British Airways £698 Round-Trip 04 January to 13 February 30 November 12:50
LHR to YNJ flight Air China £971 Round-Trip 07 January to 17 February 29 November 05:03
LBA to YNJ flight KLM £1039 Round-Trip 24 January to 25 February 25 November 11:17

Things to do in Yanji

Cheap flights to Yanji

It has rich natural resources, a unique blend of geographic location, the remarkable natural scenery of Changbai Mountain, diverse Korean folk customs, access to striking features of all three countries and splendid ice and snow scenes in the winter combine to present a colorful scroll full of scenic attractions there must try cold noodle are very tasty this is typical food of Korean Chinese, authentic taste is nowhere else to be found. There are beautiful must see places in Yanji such as Mao'er National Forest Park, Renmin Park and Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture Museum. If you are interested in the cultures of North Korea and South Korea, Yanji is the right place to go so book your cheap flights to Yanji and fly with Travaneglo.