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With Cheap flights to Zhengzhou, you can travel and explore Zhengzhou which is named as “The Green City”, because of the number of trees it consumes. This city is located at the southern bank of the Yellow river. The city provides vast facilities like train, buys as well air travelling at low cost with makes it easier for the locals as well as the visitors. Zhengzhou name is extracted from Sui dynasty.

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Shaolin Temple near this city is the cradle of the Chinese martial arts that provides the inspiration for Kung Fu movies. This city is packed with historical and cultural vestiges. Henan Museum is the oldest museum in china with collection of 130000 cultural vestiges and it has five holy mountains of china. Shaolin Temple is located at the foot of Mount Songshan which is the birth place of Shaolin Kungfu. Chenjiagou is the cradle of Chinese Taiji Quan. It is situated at Jiaozuo city that is few hours away from Zhengzhou city. Tomb of Song Dynasty is located at Gongyi and Yinxu. Shan Dynasty it is the oldest archeological site in china and that’s UNESCO World Heritage site. If you want to discover the history of beautiful dynasties book your cheap flights to Zhengzhou with Travangelo.