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Our Policy (Jointly with our Term and condition of Website use) and any other documents to regard on it unfold the source which we collect any individual data from you or whenever you grant us that will be developed by us. Kindly cautiously read our following views and executions to understand that how we will use it.

Data that we gather from you

Usually we gather the following information about you The data you inscribe on our forms we collect that data from you to procedure of registering to use our website, endorsing to our amenity, applying your data or filling out additional services and amenities we also ask you to provide your data whenever you enter for rivalry or for advocacies that is supported, funded, promoted by us and when you proclaim any problem regarding to our website; Evidence of any agreement with you; Your answers regarding our entire surveys for research purposes ,it is not mandatory to answer them for all that; Information about our services and amenities in which you take interest. Information and data about your visits on your website but not limited to web cookies, visitor data, site data and other communication data whether it is mandatory for your own billing use or otherwise, and access of your resources; Data of your system including where is your IP address available, working system, browser and statement of collective data about our promoters; and Data acquire from cookies, as to which please check below down.

Email Addresses

We do not want to annoy you for receiving surplus email from us. We try to make it simple for you to select any of our service that you have asked to obtain. If you sign up for newsletters, we don’t swap your email address or vend to second group. Email addresses are unruffled by our site, our travel partners and marketing catalogs and endorsements. Informers have to choose to get our news sheet and a confirmation email is sent. We are visibly and noticeably named at the tip of assortment. The safety of your personal data counting, your email address and postcode is essential to us. We track generally established industry values to defend the personal data presented to us while checking and formerly we obtain it. No technique of broadcasting on the internet or technique of electronic cache is 100% protected though we attempt to use commercially suitable way to shield your personal data. We cannot promise whether it is absolute safe or not. If you have further queries about the safety on our website, please contact via our address given above and one of our representatives will answer your queries. If we choose to alter our email practices, we will surely post all those alterations to this privacy policy and other sites from we think those are suitable so that you get alert of what data we gather, how will we utilize it, under what kind of situations, if any, we reveal it.

What we do with your personal data

The information that we gather from you is transferred and kept at a safe server. It may also be handled by staff that works for us or with any of our dealers. By providing us with your personal information you approve this transfer or process. We will make sure that we ensure your data is secured as per our privacy policy.

Uses of the information

We use your information in different ways that includes: To make sure that the content which is available on our site is in the actual manner for you and for your computer. To provide you with data and services that you are requesting from us or that are may be of your interest which you have agreed to be written for any purposes. To allow you to contribute in our communicating features of our service and if you do so, we will inform you about the variations that occur in our services

Declaration of your information

We may reveal your personal information to any associate of our group that includes companies and its subsidiaries, as explained in section 1159 of the UK Companies Act 2006. We may disclose your information to any third party. We may reveal your personal information to the potential seller or retailer of any business or asset holder If considerably all of our assets are acquired by third party which contains any personal information of our customers can be used as one of the transferred assets. If we are obliged to unveil or share any of your personal information in order to obey the legal requirement, or in order to apply any of our terms and uses that also includes the terms and conditions on our website, or to save the rights and properties of our customers. This includes exchange of information with other business corporations to protect from any fraud and to reduce credit risk.

Your privileges

We may ask for your personal information for marketing purpose. We will inform you about it before gathering your information. If we plan to exploit your information for such reasons or if we plan to train your privileges to avert such procedure via inspection of certain boxes on the forms we use to gather your information. Please ensure these policies before you present any kind of information to these websites. We may have your links and from our partners website`s networks and associates. If you are linked to any of these websites please ensure that all of these websites have their own privacy policies.

Log and data

Log data and JavaScript trailing are usually used for common web analytics like having different users and page intuitions. We make sure that we have all of the records of individual admittance to our site in regulate to present you more applicable site. The data of IP addresses and Browsers categories admittance by our traveling partners, to full log and data may be permitted under directed situations for the reasons of auditing. The log and data is vital to our website as they permit us to clarify to costumers that traffic is free from virus, bogus and spam


Web crawlers are allocated and trail cookies with every page demand to hold the web data described over. Travangelo uses cookies which inform us about the client visiting the site. We apply this data to offer a more applicable site for you. Whether you allow cookies or not your web browser must permit you to opt. You can still see our site if you have any hindered cookies.

Our Travel Partners Marketing

The posters and all kind of graphical marketing showing on our website are directly conveyed to you. Data about your tour to our website such as how many times you have sighted an ad (but not your information) is used to provide marketing advertisements to you on our website. For further information please contact us on [email protected]


We don’t sell any of travel products to you via our website. This website may gather your data such as your address, names and credit card information. They may control their own privacy policy


We may modify any of our policy by anytime regarding this page. You have to check this page from time to time to ensure any alters that we create to it, as this is obligatory on you. Few of the requirements restricted in this policy may also be superseded by requirements or discerned published anywhere else on the website.

Change in Policies

Policies can be changed anytime and does not contain any liability to inform every user connected to travangelo. Thank you for visiting our website

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